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JUNE 1-2, 2024
Nashville Fairgrounds • Nashville, TN
June 1-2, 2024 • Nashville Fairgrounds • Nashville, TN



401 Wingrove Street
Nashville TN 37203.

625 Smith Ave (for GPS only) Nashville TN 37203.


June 1-2, 2024


From East (Knoxville area) Take I-40 West to I-440 West follow to exit 6 (Nolensville Pike), turn right, go 1 mile and Fairgrounds will be on your left.

From West (Memphis area) Take I-40 East to I-440 East follow to exit 6 (Nolensville Pike), turn left, go 1 mile and Fairgrounds will be on your left.

From Southeast (Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Atlanta) Take I-24 West to I-440 West follow to exit 6 (Nolensville Pike), turn right, go 1 mile and Fairgrounds will be on your left.

From Northwest (Clarksville, Ft Campbell) Take I-24 East to I-65 South to Exit 81 (Wedgewood Ave.), turn left and go 1 mile to Fairgrounds.

From South (Alabama) Take I-65 North to Exit 81 (Wedgewood Ave.), turn right and go 1 mile to Fairgrounds.

From North (Bowling Green, Kentucky, Indiana) Take I-65 south to exit 81 (Wedgewood Ave.), turn left and go one mile to Fairgrounds.



All booth assignments are currently labeled TBA, meaning To Be Announced. We will no longer be posting the exact booth numbers until check-in.


The biggest reason for this is that most cancellations occur in the final 2 weeks before the show. Causing us to move things around repeatedly behind the scenes.

When someone cancels, everyone will “MOVE UP” to fill the empty slot. Then, any wait list exhibitors will fill in at the end of the line.

This is both simple and incredibly fair. Last minute additions won’t “fill in” the closest spots.

Once at the show, you will receive your booth number, which will be THE BEST up-to-the-minute spot.

This does not mean the earlier you show up, the better your booth, though we do encourage everyone to get to the show early.


FRIDAY JUNE 2     12pm-8pm

SATURDAY JUNE 3  6:am-9:30am

SUNDAY JUNE 4    10am-10:45am


At the front of the Nashville Fairgrounds Expo Hall 3 there is a check in table for you to sign in and begin setup. During setup you can have any help you like.

During Load-In you will receive a wristband that gets you FREE PARKING at the Fairgrounds. Your wristbands must be worn for the duration of the show. They are shower safe. If yours becomes lost or broken you will need to purchase a replacement from the check-in table.

Once you are loaded in (not fully set-up but you have your materials in the building) you must move your vehicle out of the loading zone and into the parking lot.

The staff will show you to your spaces. All spaces are marked and NOT to be moved. As a reminder, the floor managers and volunteers are there to help but are prohibited from bringing in your supplies or working your booth. Be sure to bring any carts, dollies, or load-in help you may need to set-up.


We understand that there may be traffic or some kind of emergency that keeps you from getting to the show on time. If this happens you CAN NOT enter through the front doors of the show. You will need to go to the back of the hall and let a guard know to get one of the staff to gain entry.

Anyone not on site by 9:30am on Saturday will lose their space without refund. We will have exhibitors on standby to replace late folks.


Any no shows will not be allowed to apply to future events. It’s just not fair to the attendees to have an empty table at the show. Please respect our staff and the attendees by being here.

If you message us saying you can’t make it and we can find a replacement in time, you get a 50% refund, so it’s in your best interests to let us know you can’t make it. 


You can purchase extra wristbands for assistants for $20 a piece, Max of 2 when you check.

Any additional passes after that can be purchased for full price. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot purchase extra badges, just wristbands.

The Check-in tables will close at 9:30am. No additional wristbands will be sold at that point.

LOST/SNAPPED/BROKEN wristbands can be replaced at $20 a piece. We encourage you to not lose, snap, or break your wristbands.


Wifi is free at the Fairfgrounds. Select Fairgrounds Wifi and click on the RED OVAL for access.


Sunday the show ends at 5pm and exhibitors can begin loading out. If the show is slow at the end (which is naturally how it goes) you can definitely pack up, but do not exit the show till close and we’ve made the announcement for folks to leave.

Exhibitors have until 8pm to exit.


The Nashville Fairgrounds is a pretty laid back venue but they have some important rules to follow:

-No Outside Food Or Drink.
-No Parking in the Load In Zone. Once you have unloaded you must move your vehicle or they will tow you.
-Take ALL trash with you when you leave. Any spaces not left clean will be subject to a fine from the convention center.
-No Adult Materials.
-No Fireworks.
-No Weapons.
-No Firearms.
-No Bootleg merch.

If you are caught breaking these rules by the venue, they will eject you from the event without refund.


Artist Alley Spaces are NOT 10x10s. You are given one table, two chairs, two passes, and have some space (typically 2 ft behind you for signage, etc.)

We REQUIRE enough space behind Artist Alley exhibitors for other exhibitors to move easily in and out of the area as needed.

Table Splitting is NOT allowed. Each table should be for one creator and one assistant only.

No more than 2 people behind your table at any time. If you have a friend that wants to sit with you they can swap with your assistant, etc. But at no time should you overcrowd your space.

There are to be NO giant displays, large racks, shelving units, behind you.

At our last event we got a lot of complaints from other artists about folks going outside the limitations of what Artist Alley is supposed to be. So we are asking everyone to fully follow the guidelines at all times, be kind to your neighbors, and considerate of the show.

Thank You!


As an example, this model shows you how the Artist Alley area will look.

All Artist Alley tables are flush (side by side) with no gaps inbetween).

Exhibitors will not be allowed behind your table to shop. The basic rule is, if it fits on your table it’s good to go.

A banner or some small display piece is allowed behind your table but there must be enough walking space (shown in blue) for other exhibitors to get in and out. Venue staff will be by to make sure everyone is complying with these rules.


Exhibitor Spaces are 10×10 and can not be “nudged out” for additional space.

Meaning, plan accordingly to give yourself room to walk in and out. Don’t box yourself in with tables. If you encroach into another exhibitors space or into the walkways you will be removed from the event without refund.

You can build UP with your displays to 15ft. But they MUST be secured. If anything falls on yourself or anyone attending the event, any injury or damage will be your responsibility.


Will be posted closer to the show.


In case we don’t get a chance to say it at the show, we are thankful for you joining us for our event! We hope you have a great show and we look forward to seeing you soon!